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Howdy yall, I see that i have been doing the most updating and draven… - Brothers and Sisters [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brothers and Sisters of Valentine

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[Jun. 18th, 2004|12:52 pm]
Brothers and Sisters of Valentine


[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |draven talking to some guys voicemail rapidly(he dnt wnt to)]

Howdy yall, I see that i have been doing the most updating and draven a close second, perhaps because ther is only two ppl updating anyway.

*regains calm attitude*

We're in biology, not doing biology because everyone else buggered off to alton towers and we're stuck in school.

A big welcome to blake who now has a lj that works for him and Elisaveta who joined us last week.

Im going to ask if draven and i can stay in here over lunch, im sure we can but must ask anyway.

Found out that i have sleep paralysis and im not talking much more about it because it scares me to hell. Literally.

SO im staying now, bell has rang midway through convo with yall, my plans for taking over the world with 'the valentines' is working rather well. Am trying to convince people with power and authority to also become valentines. I was thinkin linkin park perhaps? Too scared to ask xander, he's just getting used to the idea that i am not a normal lil smurfette like he is used to.

French was extrememly boring listening to two people having a very loud conversation while the teacher said he was dissapearing for fifteen minutes which turned out to be the whole godamn period. SO i wrote more of my book, like page 98/99 now or something and i feel so sorry for beth even if its my book i know id hate to have part of her life, but knowing a hott guy named chester and living in la; the other half of her life must be rather interesting.

Blake has just brought in draven, vincent and FOOD!!! Yay my lunch is a twirl and sprite!!!
Vincents lunch is coke
Draven lunch is a creame egg and a galaxy and sprite
Blake isn't having anything now hahaha, he's going in a while but he wants to have a coke and a creme egg and he's just killed the invisible gerbil...mouse...thing...

Anyway, weird without food will talk probably again in like fiftenn minutes
Emma xxx