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Brothers and Sisters of Valentine

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PINGU [Sep. 13th, 2004|05:09 pm]
Brothers and Sisters of Valentine


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hey everyone this is like my first eva posted comment on this community considerin i have been a member for a while i know it is shockin but oh well wot cn i do if i am a deprived child and dnt get the computer all the time.
I know tht ppl may find it wierd tht one of the valentine ppls interests is pingu butwe got discussin tht in bio one day at lunch of livejournal and vincent came out wi pingu and me, emma, draven and vincent jst tlked bout it.
I found it shockin though i accidently got watchin pingu the otha day and turned it on wen pingus dad started hittin him across the face with his flipper arm and then his motha hit him in the face with a fish it was most amusin but also very shockin tht is child abuse.
well jst thought i should update to all my valentines and depress them bout pingu will ttyl

[User Picture]From: tragic__kingdom
2004-09-13 10:07 am (UTC)
personally, i prefer the moomins to pingu although, i agree, that is tragic the poor thing is abused
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