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i don't care ... it's my community and i'll update if i wanna [Jun. 15th, 2004|11:56 pm]
Brothers and Sisters of Valentine


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Helo there this is now a proper update for y'all
This should do it

May 2004
1.In the End or 1stp klosr
2.Funeral for a friend or lostprophets
3.The No1 song ever
4.What song would you like to be covered and who by
5.The worst curse on America
6.Brian Molko; bi or greedy
7.Describe your perfect guy/girl using celebs body parts. LOL!
8.Ville Valo or Lauri Ylönen
9.Rate: a book, a movie, a website, a band, an album, a tv show and why you like them
10.Donnie Darko: the result of too much dope or a cult classic

June 2004
1. Big or Small
2. Quality or Quantity
3. Hot or Cold
4. Lights on Lights off
5. Chester Bennington or Mike Shinoda
6. Orlando or Johnny
7. Wallpaper or Posters
8. Samantha Bennington or Anna Shinoda
9. Florida or Los Angeles
10. Interview with the Vampire or Queen of the damned (books)

These are the discussions from my website (www.worldofemma.co.nr) from May and June.
As no one seems to be replying by the webby through emailing me then I figured y'all can just comment on this post and I'll b able to put it on the webby!!!

SO today was rather hectic. I raced to regi to go on the computer and I have changed the layout for the_valentines community, its all purply and kool. I made a post so yall make sure you post as well.

At the moment we have 16/7 valentines including my self and draven

The welcome certificates are on their way to yall with your new names and you are also on the website as exsiting valentines!!!!

Lots of love and hugs to my new family
Emma xxx